I  [finally]  retired from




on 31-DEC-2019.


Unfortunately Corona has interupped the plans of all of us.  No fishing trips in the plans yet.


In the meantime, Aerial-51 work is keeping me fairly busy!


So, I'm not really gone fishing (yet)

but it's on my To-Do List.

Unfortunately my List still has a lower priority

than my XYL's Honey-Do List.


I had planned to begin the long-overdue job of re-writing

and/or updating some of my web pages.


Chapters I wanted to initially address:

  • DISASTER:  My Web is out of Space.
    • I have no more pages available and must delete several                              pages before I can add another.
    • I'm discussing an alternative with my provider.​

And of course cleaning up the shack is  (again) high on my to-do list!

(This one is also on my XYL's Honey-Do List.)

.... well I did that in 2018, and 2019 but it is full again with new stuff !





Stay Tuned . . .

Below:  The Spiderbeam Team together with WRTC Management:

(Photo: Spiderbeam GmbH)

BLUE:  Spiderbeam Team Members

RED:    WRTC-2018 Officials


Way in the back, in the middle between DL4LAM and DF4SA, is W4PA from Spiderbeam-US.