7300 Bandpass Filters (BPF)

Many SDR radios shipping today have very little front-end filtering.   In fact many have just a single Low Pass Filter (LPF) at the top of the hf spectrom.  This is intentional to enable monitoring a larger slice of the hf spectrum at one time.


For amateur radio use, dedicated bandpass filters BPF's are required in order to obtain good ham-band performance, with minimum interference from the strong out-of-band shortwave broadcast stations.  This is especially true here in Europe.


The 7300 has bandpass filters for the ham bands, but in some cases they are relatively broad.  Here in Europe it is advantageous to use a Pre-Selector with the 7300.


The bandpass curves for each of the 7300's BPF for the hf bands are shown in the graphs below.  The graphs are courtesy of Clint Chron, W7KEC.