EAGLE Back Panel

Hier is a view of the back panel of the Eagle, as it is currently being shipped (July, 2014).

I have intentionally lightened the picture so that we get a better view of the details of each jack.



TEN-TEC EAGLE Rear Panel View (July, 2014)

When the Eagle originally shpped, it did not have the RCA Phono Jack, labeled "AUX 1", nor the covered hole labeled "AUX 2".  These features were added later after two optional modifications had been developed for the Eagle.


Jacks and their descriptions:


Beginning at the top left:



SO-239 female coax jack, for connecting the ANTENNA



Continuing below ANT:



3-Pole Phono Jack (3.5mm / 1/8 in.), for connecting either a Paddle, Bug, Straight Key, or external Keyer, as well as another keying device such as a computer.  The plug for this is described on page 17 of version 1.004 of the User Manual.  It is also known as a "Klinken" jack.



Continuing to the right:



USB 2.0 "Type B" jack.  The plug that fists this is also a Type B, and the entire cable is commonly called a "USB Printer Cable", because the jack on the Eagle is the same as found on most USB printers.  However, when using a standard printer cable, it is a good idea to add clamp on ferrite to help suppress any common mode current that might be picked up by the line.



DC OUT (2x)

Both jacks are an RCA Phono (female) Jack - also know as Chinch in Europe.  These plugs and jacks only come in one size.  The inner pin is positive and the shield connection is negative.




This is an 8-PIN DIN (female) Jack.  PIN-OUT details for this jack are found on page 21 of Version 1.004 of the User Manual.




This jack is an RCA Phono (female) Jack - also known as Cinch in Europe.  When initially shipped, it is a SPARE jack with nothing connected to it.  It may be used for the user-installable modification for connecting to to an external panadapter.  In that case it is a low level IF OUT (9 MHz).  It may also be used in conjunction with a second jack (AUX 2) for the user-installable modification that enables connecting an external pre-selector or noise cancellor (i.e. ANC-4) to the Eagle.



SLOT for AUX 2

From the factory, there is no jack in this hole and it is plugged with a cap.  Users requiring a second Auxillary jack may install a 2nd RCA Phono Jack in this hole (after removing the cap).  This would be necessary for the pre-selector mod described above.  

CAUTION:  Theoretically, the pre-selector mod also enables connecting an EXTERNAL RX Antenna. BAD IDEA!  DO NOT DO THIS.  These jacks are both inserted in the receiver's antenna line AFTER the RX protection relay.  Without this protection relay, you could easily damage the front end of the receiver when transmitting.  You would also have no benefit of the Eagle's Bandpass Filter earlier in the line.




This is a 2-POLE 3.5mm (1/8 in.) Phone Jack.  It is also known as a "Klinken" jack.  See page 20 of Version 1.004 of the User Manual for more information.



Then top right:



Pair of ANDERSON POWER POLE connectors for connecting the 13.8 v.d.c. supply voltage to the transceiver.



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