After 6 months of uncertainty and anticipation, Alpha and Ten-Tec have re-appeared, along with Emtron as well - thanks to Mike Dishop - N8WFF (of Dishtronix) and his partners.


NOTE:  Many thanks to Ron, W3WN and James, K8JHR for these pictures and especially to Mike - N8WFF, Lloyd - N2KPC, and Gayle - KB2YOA for bringing Alpha, Emtron, and Ten-Tec back to Dayton - AND for allowing me to post these pictures of them at work.


You should listen to the podcast at this link.


Skip ahead to 1:21:00 and listen up to 1:35:00.

Elsewhere at Dayton:

The Vibroplex / Spiderbeam Booth:

Scott Robbins (owner), Stan Brock, and Shannon of Vibroplex/Spiderbeam are all ex-Ten-Tec employees.  Scott took over my company (Spiderbeam-US) for me when I returned to Germany in 2010.  Although I have never made it to Germany, my company finally did with its new owner and other ex-TT guys!

Speaking of Scott, W4PA . . . Dayton, etc. . . .


Scott and the band he plays with, played a song about the National Contest Journal while performing Friday night at Dayton.  Scott is on the left, playing guitar.


See:  On the Cover of the NCJ


But of course with me being from OKLAHOMA and CW being my favorite mode, my favorite song by Scott is this one:


See:  Codey from Muskogee