My Expeditions




I was never fortunate enough to go on a really big DX-Pedition to rare places like Navassa or Clipperton, but that didn't stop me from going on my own little "mini-expeditions".


Europe has (or has had) several points of interest.

For instance, Andorra (C31) was very rare the first time I went in 1975.  Today it's pretty run of the mill, but I still enjoy  working it from time to time.


Even Liechtenstein (HB0), though certainly not rare, can generate some pretty big pile-ups on the bands. This was always one of my favorite destinations because it was only a few hours' drive from my QTH in Munich.


IOTA of course has injected new life into the sport of mini-expeditions.


As you browse my expediton history, you will see me age.  Over the years, the thrill and joy of being wet and cold on motorbike expeditions was replaced by the comfort and convenience of RV expeditions.