Here is Robs station for testing the TS-890S:



Up front, Rob had a couple of intersting comments on the performance of the TS-890S:


Here is what I have as of now: 

  • The rig has the cleanest synthesizer I have ever measured.  It is actually pushing the envelope on measurement accuracy for RMDR at wide spacings over 10 kHz.
  • The number of menu options is overwhelming, and I haven’t used a TS-990S for so long I don’t remember much.  The Kenwood will be hooked up in place of the IC-7610 at Ops2 for CQWW as shown in the attached picture. 





Kenwood TS-890S Full Review
Full test review from 17-OCT-2018.
Kenwood TS-890S-1g.pdf
PDF-Dokument [95.0 KB]