BELKA-DX Receiver


HAM Tactical Receiver


A tiny, portable, but very capable radio.


Although good reception is possible with its telescoping whip antenna, the radio really comes to life when attached to a proper full-size antenna. 


The JBL external speaker pictured here was purchased separately. 

The BELKA-DX was designed to be used with headphones and may be purchased either from its designer, Alex (EU1ME), or Boris (LZ2JR), an authrized reseller.


I purchased my Belka-DX MAX from Boris.  It includes a loudspeaker on the back panel, as well as two bezel-feet on the back, to enable raising the back side such that the radio is at about a 45 degree angle to the table.  This improves viewing the screen and tuning the VFO/Volume knob.

The built-in optional loud speaker will do in a pinch, but it not particularly good.  Better than nothing, but as you see in the photo above, I often plug in an external amplified (JBL) speaker to obtain clear, room-quality audio.


This guide lists each feature and shows which buttons or knob must be pushed. It is available in 3 sizes. Choose your favorite size, print the guide, cut it out, and then fold it in half (vertically). I have laminated mine to make it water-proof.
Quick Reference Guide.pdf
PDF-Dokument [121.8 KB]
My Memory Contents
This is just a suggestion, showing how I have initially programmed my memory locations.
Belka Memory Contents.png
Portable Network Image Format [48.4 KB]
User Manual.
Belka-DX manual english.pdf
PDF-Dokument [366.1 KB]





12-JUL-2021 | First Impressions: 

  • The radio sure is small; VERY small!  
  • Reception inside of my house with the whip antenna connected was not very good because there was way too much noise .  Next, I attached a tunable magnetic loop (also indoors).  Reception was a little better, especially when rotating the loop to minimize the noise, but it was nothing to brag about.
  • Then I connected my 80m OCFD antenna to the BELKA-DX.  This antenna is erected about 60m (abt 200 ft.) away from the house.  It is 14m (abt 45 ft.) high and in the clear.  THE RADIO REALLY CAME TO LIFE!
  • The SSB and CW filters are ham-quality, not the typical (useless) filters found in most low cost commercial radios.  
  • Reception seems on par with the receiver in my ICOM IC-7300.
  • I connected the magnetic loop to the 7300.  It too was troubled with too much noise. 
  • Bottom Line:  This is a Communications Receiver!
  • Bottom Line 2:  I live in a noisy house.