SPIDERBEAM (overview)

The Spiderbeam GmbH manufacturers Spiderbeam Antennas, and . . . MORE!

"Spiderbeam" is a Company Name

 Don't confuse it with "The Spiderbeam Yagi Antenna".



Spiderbeam is a German company located in Spremberg, Germany . . . 


Manufacturing and selling:


In addition, it also sells:

  • Antenna Accessories

  • Guying Accessories for masts and poles

  • Rope


Spiderbeam GmbH also sells its aluminum and fiberglass masts into other

(non-ham radio) industries:

  • Wind Energy Industry

  • Aerial Photography

  • Scientific Research


The Official Spiderbeam Web Sites:


"The Spiderbeam" Yagi Antenna

Photos courtesy of Spiderbeam.


The Spiderbeam antenna is a lightweight, portable yagi, popular amongst DX-peditioners and IOTA fans.



  • very high-performance, 
  • ultra-lightweight
  • breaks down into a small, easily transportable size



  • Portable
  • Heavy Duty



  • 5 Band (20/17/15/10m)
  • 3 Band (20/15/10m)
  • WARC (30/17/12m)
  • Low Bands (20/17/15m)
  • Special Order:
    • Monobanders
    • 15/12/10m
    • 17/12m


For more detailed information see:



 TO:  Spiderwire Antennas


Aluminum Masts

Pic. by Spiderbeam.


Spiderbeam's Aluminum Masts were originally purpose-designed for supportng The Spiderbeam Yagi Antenna.  They are lightweight, have small transportation lengths, yet are sturdy enough for this purpose.


Of course they may also be used for supportiing other wire antennas, such as dipoles or loops.


In the meantime, because of their high quality and relatively low costs, these masts have also become popular in other non-ham industries.  


Spiderbeam also sells a wide selection of accessories for its Aluminum Masts, such as Tripods (actually Quadpods - with 4 legs), guy plates and other guying material.


For more information see: Aluminum Masts



Photo by Spiderbeam.



Spiderpole is the name of Spiderbeam's family of lightweight telescoping fiberglass poles. 


There are currently 3 versions of the Spiderpole:

  • 12m (40 ft.) 
  • 18m (60 ft.)
  • 26m (85 ft.). 


Clamp Sets: The 18 and 26m poles also include a stainless steel clamp set to prevent the segments from slipping into the lower segments.   Although the 12m pole does not require a clamp set for short term installations, for longer term installations it is better to us the optional clamp set.


Colors:  Spiderpoles are available in any color you like, as long as it's black.


Mounting Base:  Spiderbeam does not sell any type of mount for the base of these poles.  That's because people's needs are so diverse.  In many installations, no base is required.  You can simply strap the Spiderpole to a wooden stake or the nearest fencepost or tree.  I will show you another simple mounting solution.  See: Pole Base Mount


For more information on Spiderbeam fiberglass poles,

see:  Spiderpole 




Aerial-51 Wire Antennas


The Aerial-51 Wire Antennas are lightweight multi-band antennas especially designed for use with Spiderbeam lightweight telescoping fiberglass poles.

  • Model 404-UL (ultra-light)
    • 40,20,17,15,12,10,6m
  • Model 807-L  (lightweight)
    • 80,40,20,17,15,12,10,6m
  • Model 807-HD (heavy duty)
    • 80,40,20,17,15,12,10,6m