1. Elecraft K2 Pre-Selector Mod
This document shows you how to modify a K2 to enable connection of a pre-selector.
PDF-Dokument [634.9 KB]
2. QSK Platine, by DL7AV
This document [in German] describes how to build a time-sequence keying device for keying older non-QSK amplifiers with newer full-BK (QSK) transceivers.
QSK-Platine DL7AV.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]
3. Ten-Tec AIRPAX Circuit Breakers
This document contains a description of the Model 1170 as used in the 50w rigs like the Argosy, and the Model 1140 as used in the 100w rigs like the Corsair or Omni V.
Airpax Circuit breakers.pdf
PDF-Dokument [759.2 KB]
4. TEN-TEC Model 318 Relay Mod
This modification replaces the (loud) relay oft he Model 318 with a transistor. It also isolates Pin-8 of the two accessory jacks from each other and adds bandspread to the delay adjustment.
Model 318 Relay Mod.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.1 MB]
This document was originally from K1POO. Notes, arrows and comments added by DJ0IP
PDF-Dokument [358.2 KB]
6. TEN-TEC Model 238/229 Caps Mod
This is Ron's (N6IE) mod to these matchboxes in a PDF file.
Modification to the Ten Tec 238 caps.pdf
PDF-Dokument [289.6 KB]
7. Simple Semi-BK for the Eagle
Here is a simple Semi-Break-In circuit you can build for about $5 worth of common resistors, transistors, capacitors and a diode.
Semi-BK for the Eagle.pdf
PDF-Dokument [400.9 KB]
8. 40m Tunable Preselector by DL7AV
Here is the original article from CQ DL magazine describing the 40m tunable preselector which I built (about 1977) and used until present.
40m Preselector by DL7AV.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]
9. A no-compromise multiband, low-VSWR dipole
This article by Maurice C. Hateley, GM3HAT, was published in the May 1987 issue of Ham Radio magazine (HR). It describes a Fan-Dipole with a special Capacitor-Balun.
Dipole Delight.pdf
PDF-Dokument [530.0 KB]
10. Adjusting TX Delay and Semi BK-IN Delay for the ICOM IC-7100
This document shows how to adjust the IC-7100's timing when used with a Linear Amplifier.
IC-7100 Linear Amp Time-Sequencing.pdf
PDF-Dokument [325.9 KB]
11. M0CVO HW-42HP
A Multi-Element OCFD All-Band Antenna
PDF-Dokument [652.2 KB]
12. Heathkit_HP-14_Manual
PDF-Dokument [21.1 MB]
13. ICOM IC-22S User Manual
PDF-Dokument [167.4 KB]
The W6SAI Coax Balun
Although the design was originally by Collins, this coax balun was better known in the 1980's & 90's as the W6SAI Balun.
PDF-Dokument [5.7 MB]