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First Activation









Rick, DJ0IP  is planning to activate the Castle Ruins Homburg in this year's anual Castles On The Air event on May Day, 2016.  It will be a 1-day activation with focus on 40, 20, and 17m.


RIG:  Ten-Tec Scout

ANT:  Aerial-51 Model 404-UL on a 40 ft. Spiderbeam fiberglass "Spiderpole"

QTH:  Castle Parking Lot about 200 meters south-east of the castle shown here.

QSL:  To DM5P via the Buro, or the QRZ.com address of DM5P




Built on a mountain top 300m NN, the "Castle Ruins Homburg" is Germany's 2nd largest castle ruins.  It was constructed near Goessenheim in Lower Frankonia between 1028 and 1031 by Reinhart von Hohenberg from Adelsberg (near Gemuenden).  It was expanded in 1235 and again in 1470.


In 1492 as Christopher Columbus discovered America while searching for India, Burg Homburg became an official "Amtssitz" which is like a local regional government HQ - or Town Hall.  It had an "Amtman" (like a mayor) responsible for regional civil affairs.


The castle survived several wars including the Bauernkrieg (Farmers War) in 1525, but in 1680 its Manor House was destroyed by a fire and the facility shut down.


Its final destruction was after the 2nd World War when local residents from Goessenheim plundered the buildings for stones for rebuilding their own homes, destroyed during the war.


TODAY the castle ruins are a local tourist attraction and favored location for events.

See: Castle Ruins Wine Festival