ARRL's 2016 National Parks On The Air  (NPOTA)

January 3rd, 2016



ARRL 2016 





Ntl. Lakeshore




Braving the cold westerly wind off of Lake Michigan in 26 degree (F) weather, Mike Wendland, K8ZRH was one of the first National Park "ACTIVATORS", activating Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.


Despite still recovering from an early December shouldere replacement, Mike weathered the wind, snow and cold to put up his 40m "Aerial-51" OCFD antenna on a Spiderbeam 40 ft. telescoping fiberglass pole.


Operating off of his Roadtreck RV's 12v battery and running just 10w from his Elecraft KX3, Mike made 117 QSOs, working 33 states, three Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico in about 2 hours on the air.


If this is any indication of what ARRL's NPOTA is going to be like, we can all look forward to load of NPOTA fun throughout 2016.


See pictures and read more about Mike's NPOTA operation in his blog, here:

NPOTA: Roadtrecking Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes


Spiderbeam has created a special "National Parks Activation Kit" (used by Mike) to help NPOTA activiators radiate a BIG SIGNAL, even when working QRP.

More Info:  Spiderbeam NPAK 


October 5th, 2015




1st Place World-Wide




Using Aerial-51 Model 807-UL Antenna




Photos:  DL5CW



for his first place (overall) win of the 2015 QRPTTF Contest!


QRP "Take It To The Field" contest was won again this year by Barry, N1EU/p, using an Aerial-51 Model 404-UL antenna, mounted as a sloper on top of Utsayantha Mountain.


Barry is a very experienced and seasoned contest operator. This year his choice of anttenna for his SOTA contest endeavor was the Aerial-51 Model 404-UL.  Barry used this antenna on 40, 20, and 15m to rack up the winning score of 8421 points.


The full story may be read on the Aerial-51 web site, here:   Aerial-51 Contest Win.



[October 6th, 2014]


The next World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) will take place in Germany in 2018.


The WRTC Sanctioning Committee announced today that it had granted the application of a group representing the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC), the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC), and the Rhein Ruhr DX Association (RRDXA) to organize what are often called “the Olympics of Amateur Radio.”


More Info: 



Q S T          Q S T          Q S T          Q S T          Q S T          Q S T          Q S T          Q S T


Pressemitteilung #2: Deutschland erhält Zuschlag für Ausrichtung der WRTC 2018



Am Sonntag, den 5. Oktober 2014, erteilte das World Radio Team Championship (WRTC) Sanctioning Committee Deutschland den Zuschlag für die Ausrichtung der WRTC 2018. Einer Initiative von DARC, BCC und RRDXA folgend, hatte sich seit der Ham Radio Messe 2014 ein kleines Team unter Leitung von Christian Janssen, DL1MGB, damit beschäftigt, wie eine solche Veranstaltung in Deutschland durchgeführt werden könnte.


Die WRTC wird seit 1990 regelmäßig an wechselnden Orten veranstaltet und führt jeweils ca. 60 Zweier-Teams aus aller Welt für eine Woche zusammen, die gemeinsam unter Fieldday-Bedingungen an der IARU HF Championship teilnehmen. Die letzte WRTC, an der drei deutsche Teams beteiligt waren, ging vor wenigen Wochen in Neuengland/USA mit einer Bronzemedallie für Deutschland zu Ende.


In den kommenden Wochen wird eine offizielle Organisation zur Finanzierung und Durchführung der WRTC 2018 in Deutschland gegründet.

Das Team sucht noch Verstärkung insbesondere auf den Gebieten Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Standorte, Unterbringung und Rahmenprogramm.


Für die Durchführung der WRTC 2018 werden die Regionen Münsterland/Emsland, Märkisch Oderland (östlich von Berlin) und die Gegend um Jessen/Wittenberg nach verschiedenen Kriterien noch eingehend bewertet bevor eine finale Entscheidung zum Austragungsort getroffen wird.



Zur Vereinfachung der Kommunikation ist eine Webseite geschaltet: Zudem gibt es für Interessierte eine WRTC2018-Mailingliste, in die man sich eintragen kann. Wer Interesse hat an dem Projekt WRTC2018 mitzuarbeiten, bitte eine kurze E-Mail an










Spiderbeam has assumed the exclusive rights for manufacturing and selling Aerial-51 wire antennas. It will manufacture the antennas in Germany and sell them through its world wide sales network.


For detailed information, see the Aerial-51 web site:







Spremberg, Monday August 26th 2013, Spiderbeam announced its  NEW 160-18-4WTH  'Top Band' Vertical (kit).  Along with this antenna, Spiderbeam also announced its new product line of wire verticals.


The 160-18-4WTH  is a top loaded wire vertical built on a lightweight 18m long telescoping fiberglass Spiderpole.   The antenna is about 1/8 wavelength high and and uses 4 Top-Hat wires to bring it into resonance. Thus the name:

  • 160m Band
  • 18m telescoping fiberglass Spiderpole
  • with 4 Wire Top-Hats


Spiderbeam claims that by using top loading rather than a loading coil (base loading),  the performance of its new antenna approaches that of a full size quarter wave vertical.


This new antenn was recently reviewed by RSGB.  

The review was published in the September issue of RadCom.

The following is an excerpt from that article (the conclusion):


"CONCLUSION:  The Spiderbeam 160-18-4WTH 160m vertical is a well-made antenna that should perform well for DX.  While it is 'only' 18m tall its peformance is first class.  But if you think that it is a space saver I suggest you measure your garden before placing an order."



More details are available here:  160-18-4WTH 





YES, OF COURSE!  Spiderbeam has planned several new wire vertical kits including the 80-18-4WTH, as well as verticals for other bands.




 A new paradigm for building antennas! 


"Modern Antennas" is the title of a new chapter I am currently writing for my web site.


I find it frustrating that my latest copy of the ARRL HANDBOOK and the ARRL ANTENNA BOOK both still show the same old antenna construction pictures that they were showing when I got my first license, 50 years ago.


My offer to QST Magazine to write an article on this topic was rejected with the following:

  • They will not publish an article written by me because I work for an antenna company.


I understand the need for keeping advertising out of the article content, but I see no reason to bar anyone from contributing neutral content.


Alas, my only recourse is to publish my ideas here on my own web site.


I promise to keep it brand neutral as much as possible, and will show other sources of this material (in addition to Spiderbeam) whenever possible.  



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