Eschborn, 24-OCT-2017



Laura Bergmann (DO9JJ) shown here with her newly earned Amateur Radio License, her toy dog "Bello", and Aerial-51 SKY-SDR QRP transceiver (sponsored by Spiderbeam and Aerial-51), is Germany's newest and youngest YL.  Emil (Bottom left) is probably Germany's proudest daddy.


Laura, 10 years old, inherited much more than her daddy's big smile!  Like Emil, she also enjoys the thrill and adventure of outdoor ham radio, especially SOTA.  (See Emil's web page: )



During the first week of her school vacation from October 9th to 13th, Laura attended the recent intensive ham radio license course, hosted by the Frankfurt am Main chapter (F05) of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club . In the second week of her school vacation (October 13th to 22nd) she studied the test questions and practiced intensively.  On October 24th she demonstrated what she had learned to the Bundesnetzargentur in Eschborn, who rewarded her with the call sign, DO9JJ.



SPECIAL THANKS to Karl-Heinz, DC4PC and the entire Team of the F05 club for hosting the training class, promoting and helping keep our wonderful hobby alive!



AS GOOD AS IT GETS:  The "JJ" Family


For all of you English speaking viewers:

"Bergmann" means "Mountain Man" in English!


As can be seen, the entire family is now licensed, except for the toy dog!

(Knowing Emil, I'm sure he'll find a way to get a license for Bello!)


SIDE NOTE: Emil, please make sure she joins the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC). With here enthusiasm and aggressiveness, I would hate to have to compete against her!

(Rick, DJ0IP)




Even Bello looks happy!