Ten-Tec EAGLE Transmit IMD

There is a  RUMOR  circulating that claims the transmit IMD of the Ten-Tec Eagle is bad.




Although the TX IMD of the Eagle is nothing to brag about, it is at least middle of the pack as far as newer transceivers go.


Rob Sherwod (NC0B) of Sherwood Engineering has measured the TX IMD of most newer transceivers and found some disapointing results with many.  The Eagle was found to have AVERAGE IMD.


Although IMD was traditionally measured with a 2-tone test, Rob has begun measuring IMD using White Noise.  This more realistically resembles the characteristics of the human voice than the old 2-tone test.


The results of Rob's test of the Ten-Tec Eagle's TX IMD are in the download PDF file below.


FOR COMPARISON to what's possible, please also take a look at the W6XX slide download, which compares a K3 to a Yaesu MK V running in class A mode at 75w.

Ten-Tec Eagle Measured TX IMD
As measured by Rob Sherwood of Sherwood Engineering and reported in his 2011 BARC presentation.
Eagle Transmit IMD.pdf
PDF-Dokument [30.4 KB]
W6XX Slide
This slide compares the TX IMD of a K3 running in class B, to that of a Yaesu FT-1000 MK V running in class A at 75 watts.
PDF-Dokument [64.2 KB]