I  [finally]  retired from




on 30-June-2020.


Unfortunately Corona has interupped the plans of all of us.  No fishing trips in the plans yet.



So, I'm still not really gone fishing (yet).

I had planned to begin the long-overdue job of re-writing

and/or updating some of my web pages.


Chapters I wanted to initially address:

  • RF-Chokes  (Common Mode Current Chokes)
    • Or, a "Get Out of [RF]Hell - Free" Card.
    • Lots of new material was added here:  RF Chokes
    • With more to come.
  • ​I have finally begun writing my eBook about OCFD antennas
    • ​Title:  THE OCFD BOOK . . . or "whatever"

NEW since last year:  I can now measure antennas at their feedpoint!

This enables me to have a much more understanding when evaluating old antennas and developing new antennas.


ALL of this new stuff is published on my NEW OVERFLOW WEB SITE:




or simply:  WWW.DJ0IP.COM 

More to come . . . 




Stay Tuned . . .


(Rome wasn't destroyed in a single day!)