Examples of Typical Modern End Insulators:

Spiderbeam Insulators


Lightweight and strong plastic insulator,

suitable for all kinds of wire antennas.



  • Material: Polyethylen, uv resistant.
  • length: 40mm  (1.57")
  • diameter: 11.5mm  (0.45")
  • a hole on each end
  • hole diameter: 2.85mm (0.112")
  • weight: 3g
  • color:  black


Originally designed as insulators for the Spiderbeam Yagi antenna, theise extremely lightweight insulators make excellent insulators for lightweight antenna projects, especially antennas which will be mounted high on a telescoping fiberglass pole. 


This insulator is well suited for applications using Spiderbeam/WIREMAN CQ-532 stranded, insulated Copperweld wire.


Source:  Spiderbeam Insulator

Source:  Spiderbeam Insulator in USA


Examples of Use:

Mini Insulator


Material Bayer Bayblend T65 (ABS/PC) listed in UL-94 (USA)




Black or Transparent

Operational Temp. -50°C bis +90°C
UV-resistant yes
Weight 5 g
Breaking Strength 100 kg (conservative)
Length 65mm
Width 15mm
Thickness 8mm
Center Hole 4,7mm diameter
Slot Size 20 mm x 5 mm


These tiny lightweight insulators were developed by DX-Wire and are excellent for use with lightweight wire antennas.


Source:  DX-Wire  - Click on Mini Insulator (left)


Examples of Use:

IS-120 Insulator


Material Bayer Bayblend T65 (ABS/PC) listed in UL-94 (USA)
Colour black
Operational temp. -50 to +90 deg C
UV-resistant yes
Weight 14 g
Breaking Strength 100 kg
Lateral per Bow 45 kg
Total Length 120mm
Distance of Hooks 104mm
Diameter of Ribs 18mm


This insulator may be used as an end insulator or a center insulator.  Its length and multiple ribs make it ideal for applications where high voltage is present.  However its weight makes it too heavy for some applications, such as end insulators for Top-Hat wires for top-loaded verticals built on lightweight telescoping poles.


Source:  HF-Parts

Source:  DX-Wire  Click on "Hühnerleiter" (on the left).


Budwig HYE-QUE HQ-1

Center Insulator




Stock Colors: Green (Olive Drab)

Material:  ABS Copolymer, 20% Glass filled

Weight:  1.34 oz.  (38 gr.)

Length:  6 1/2 in.  (165mm)

Width:  1.25 in.  (3.2mm)

Hole Diameter:  1/8 in. (3.2mm)




Budwig HYE-QUE HQ-2

End Insulator


Technical Details:


Stock Colors: Green (Olive Drab)

Material:  ABS Copolymer, 20% Glass filled

Weight:  1/2 oz.  (14 gr.)

Length:  2 1/32 in.  (51.6mm)

Diameter of Ribs:  1.5 in.  (38mm)

Hole Diameter:  3/16 in. (7.4mm)


Although the HQ-2 weighs 3x as much as the Mini Insulator and 5x as much the Spiderbeam Insulator, it is still light enough for most applications.  Its 3 ribs which improve high voltage insulation.  Excellent end insulators for lightweight wire antennas.  


This is my personal favorite end insulator EXCEPT when building ultra-lightweight wire top-hats made of CQ-534 wire.  For those applications I use the Spiderbeam Insulator because it is strong enough and it is the lightest.




EXAMPLE:  Commercial Ladderline:


The insulator is made of Plexiglas.

The Laderline was trimmed such that some of its center insulation could be used as part of the Strain-Relief.


All wires go into the insulator from the top (top view here), to the bottom, bend 180 deg. and en come back through a common 2nd hole to the top, where they and are soldered and covered with liquid electrical tape.


This guy cost me about $1.


It does the job.


KISS (and don't waste your money.)