"Schaippach" is a suberb of Gemuenden.


Schaippach is located on the River Sinn, about 4 km north-northwest of Gemuenden, which is located on the River Main.  Both rivers merge together with a third river, the River Saal, in Gemuenden. 


Although part of Schaippach is at a low altitude, my exact QTH is up a big hill, almost a mountain.  It is probably the worst QTH on the planet for Amateur Radio.

      DJ0IP's  HF Hole.


The foto below shows the

mountains in all directions.

Photos:  DJ0IP

DJ0IP's Summer QTH


During the summer I can operate upstairs in our summer house.  "House" is a bit of an overstatement; it's open on 3 sides.  From up here I get out a little better, but I still have this mountain between me and North America. 


With this darn mountain and all those rivers,

maybe I should take up FISHING!


(By coincidence, I do have several Spiderbeam fiberglass telescoping poles laying around).