My Favorite Hobby

Sibylle, my XYL and FIRST Love (Photo: Rick Westerman)

They say that there is a successful woman behind every successful man.

The reality is, sometimes she's even out in front of me!

We met in a Bavarian Biergarten on April 20th, 1996.

What better way to start a Bavarian love affair.


The truth is, Sibylle does not even like beer that much, or so she says.  She was only in the beer garden because they had live Jaz Music.  


Well you can think what you want and believe what you want to believe, but this is my favorite picture of my wife:

"I don't like Beer!" (Right!) - (Photo: Rick Westerman)

And this one is almost better:

Baby you can drive my car! - (Photo: Rick Westerman)
Proud mama. The day we brought "Sally" home. - (Photo: Rick Westerman)

The only better day in my life was 9.8.76.  (Brino: come aboard)

Yum yum. Taken inside our RV on her birthday. - (Photo: Rick Westerman)