Lab tests show theoretical data on how a radio will perform.

But how does that relate to On-The-Air performance?

(Especially in Contests!)


Lab measurements don't lie...or do they?


In amateur radio technology, the rubber meets the road "On-The-Air".

What better way to test and compare two or more radios than in a contest?


Of course this kind of test will always be subjective and influenced by the tester's own likes and dislikes, but in my opinion, this is just as valid of a test as any lab test.

[Rick, DJ0IP]


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  1. ICOM IC-7300 & 7610 vs KENWOOD TS-990S
  • This shootout compares the two newest ICOM radios to Kenwood's newest radio under contest conditions.
  • When reading the document, please keep in mind that Rob is testing these radios at his rural contest site in Ault, Colorado.  Results will vary from one QTH to the next.
  • Note [from Rick]:  Rob speaks of rarely incurring the "Over Voltage Fault" (OVF) light in his tests.  Here in Europe it is common, at least with the 7300, to incur this light often.  Attenuation or turning down the RF Gain will turn it off.  An external pre-selector is even better.