* Rob Sherwood Presentations *



Rob Sherwood, NC0B has been conducting receiver tests and designing receiver circuit improvements since the mid 70's.  More recently he has consulted with companies like Elecraft, FlexRadio, Ten-Tec and even Hilberling to help them improve their receiver performance.


Rob has put together a few presentations which can help us all to better understand what really is important in today's receivers and transmitters.




Let's first listen to what Rob says about choosing a radio:


“I have many times said 'one needs to enjoy using the radio’ as the NUMBER ONE aspect of its performance".


He went on to say:  "I did not like a couple of radios near the top of my list due to their cruddy audio. Many of today's radios are annoying on SSB due to their inability to copy with any impulse noise.  If a radio's AGC is no good, forget it.  If its ALC is not good, reject.  'Audio is harsh' is a definite no no.  I always ask a ham who calls me up and asks which radio to buy, “how do you operate?”  What modes?  CW, SSB? Contests, DX, rag chewing?   Etc."






Here are several of his recent presentations in chronological order:

  1. 2008 BARC presentation on "Roofing Filters, Transmitted IMD and Receiver Performance"
  2. 2008/09 Contest University (Dayton) presentation on "Roofing Filters, Transmitted BW and Receiver Performance"
  3. 2009 BARC presentation on "Roofing Filters, Transmitter BR, and Operator Fatigue"
  4. 2010 Contest University (Dayton) - "Choosing a Transceiver, Far From Simple"
  5. 2011 BARC presentation on "Transceiver Performance; What's new in 2011?"
  6. 2011 Contest University (Dayton) - "Transceiver Performance; What's new in the last year?"
  7. 2012 Contest University (Dayton) - "Transceiver Performance, 10 Years of Change"
  8. 2013 Contest University (Dayton) presentation on Contest Radio Performance.
  9. 2013 Huntsville Alabama Hamfest Afternoon Presentation,  "New strides plus some disappointments."
  10. 2013 Huntsville Alabama Hamfest Banquet Presentation, "Change has occurred in jumps, sometimes better, but often worse for a time."
  11. 2017 Contest University, "Disruptive Technologies.  How they change our Hobby"
  12. 2021 Contest University, "Contest & DX Performance A Complex Subject Today" 
  13. 2022 Ham Holiday OKC: "Transceiver Performance for HF and DX Operator"




In Presentation 1., Rob has about 1 hr. 45 min. to give his presentation, taking time to answer questions as he goes.  He speaks slowly in this presentation.   This is an excellent presentation for beginners, or for those whose native language is not English. Some of the best topics are discussed in the Q&A session at the end.


Presentation 2. can be seen as a  fast track  to understanding current transceiver technologies. Unfortunately, due to time constraints at Contest University, Rob only had 45 minutes and he spoke very fast.  IF YOU ARE NOT A NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER, you will need to use the "PAUSE" button on the audio between individual bullets of the presentation to give you enough time to think about and digest what Rob has just said.


Presentation 3. is unique in that rather than just RX and TX IMD, Rob also shows us other factors which can influence the quality of reception (and cause unnecessary operator fatigue).


Presentation 4.  


Presentation 5.  In this presentation Rob recaps on Performance Technologies, then highlights some of the most recent transceivers. I highly recommend viewing Presentation 2. before viewing this presentation.


Presentation 6.


Presentation 7.     


Presentation 8.  (Contest University 2013).  This copy of the presentations shown here is from screen shots taken while following CTU 2013 on the Internet.  It highlights several new radios that announced/shipped in 2012/2013.

You may also view this presentation  HERE.


Presentation 9.  (Huntsville Hamfest 2013).  Description to follow...


Presentation 10.  (Huntsville Hamfest 2013 Banquet Presentation)  Description to follow.


Presentation 11.  (CTU 2017).  


Presentation 12.   (CTU 2021).


Presentation 13.  (Ham Holiday, 2022 - Oklahoma City)