A brief Executive Overview


This paper shows briefly, "my understanding" of what baluns do when inserted between an hf antenna and a transmission line.


This paper is not intended to be a one-stop, "now you know baluns" page.

It is just an introduction.


The paper is based on the information I acquired from reading several excellent papers from Engineers much more knowledgable than me.


For more detailed information, see:

  1. Cost-effective Ferrite Chokes and Baluns vby GM3SEK
  2. "Baluns: What they do and how they do it" vby Roy Lewallen, W7EL



BTW, GM3SEK was a technical editor for RSGB's RadCom magazine and wrote the column "In Practice" which is where this information first appeared.


AND W7EL is the author of EZNEC antenna modeling software.


These guys are the guru's, I'm just the messenger.


PS:  The picture shown in my 1-page was "pinched" from Ian, GM3SEK, but the exact same drawing or picture may be found in Sevick's book, or on W8JI's web page on Common Mode Current, or in any ARRL HANDBOOK.  Ian drew it in color which I think helps make it easier to understand.



This document is an executive overview explaining the purpose of using a balun with an hf antenna. It is based on info gleaned from reading the works of GM3SEK and W7EL. It is no substitute for reading their original documents.
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