Contesting in Europe with a Ten-Tec Jupiter

by DJ0IP


In 2004 I purchased a brand new Ten-Tec Jupiter from the local Ten-Tec distributor in Germany.

I really enjoyed using the rig, though I was certainly not impressed when using it in a major contest.


The test (in the Download below) was made during the 2004 CQ WWDX CW contest.

I ran the test from my home QTH, near Munich Germany, using modest antennas.

I made just under 1000 QSOs and scored over 500k points.


CONTESTING is a major part of my enjoyment in our hobby, but it is not everything.

Although I do not recommend the Jupiter as a contest radio for a serious contester, it is certainly a great radio for general purpose use by most hams and one of the most fun radios I have ever used.


This test is based on my opinion, but I would like to point out that from 1972 until 2012, I have missed only one CQ WW DX CW contest.  In most years I averaged 30 or more hours on the air.   Other radios I have used were DRAKE 4B and 4C lines (with Sherwood filters), Ten-Tec Omni, IC-745, Ten-Tec Omni V/VI/V+, Ten-Tec Orion, and Elecraft K2.


IMO, 40 years of experience in this contest gives me a pretty good expectation level of how a good radio should perform.


If you do not live in Europe, you may find it difficult to identify with some of the problems I point out.  I can only say, "visit Europe and see for yourself!"


BTW, during the contest I also made short audio recordings of the problems and sent them to Ten-Tec with the recommendation to add provision for a pre-selector to future radios.  As a result, provision for a pre-selector was added to the Omni VII which was in the design stage at the time.


Download Below:

Contesting with a Ten-Tec Jupiter
An On-The-Air test conducted during the 2004 CQ WW DX Contest (CW).
Jupiter Contesting.pdf
PDF-Dokument [84.7 KB]