WRTC-2018 Video Clips

Below is a collection of video clips from WRTC-2018


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Video Clip




Opening Ceremony


Shown Here: The Winning Team

Y81N:  LY4L and LY9A

Example:  Site Preparation and Construction


Before proceeding with the event (below) let's first look at the "Dress Rehersal" (test-run), one year earlier in 2017.


Here you will get an appreciation for the amount of work that went into assembling a complete site.


Once you have watched this video and realize that altogether, 65 sites were assembled, just like this one, you will have an appreciation for the amount of planning and work that went into this preparation for this successful event!

Video Clip by DL7AT:


CLUSTER     CALL        OP1         OP2             Ref

-----------    -------     --------     --------        -------

  BLW-1        Y82D       DK6SP      HA8RT          SP4Z

  BLW-2        Y81M       F8DBF      F1AKK          N6AN

  BLW-3        Y81A       DJ5MW     DL1IAO        W6OAT

  BLW-4        Y86P       E212IC     9M2ZAK        UT9QF

Raw Video Clip: Y81A



Cluster BLW-3


Ops  DJ5MW  and  DL1IAO 

with their Referee, W6OAT

Video Clip: Y86Q

Pre-Contest Preparation


Cluster WBK-2


Ops LZ4AX and LZ3FN

Ref: JK3GAD (not in picture)


While waiting on a repair to the       generator's external fuel line.

Video Clip


Cluster Sites:

  • HLZ-1
  • HLZ-3
  • MGL-2
  • MGL-3
  • MGL-4   
  • REI-1                       with 360 deg. aerial view of the Spiderbeam

Video Clip


  Cluster JBG-2



Ops: RC9O and UA9PM


Video Clip mit D07PR:



Unterwegs bei der WRTC 2018


Video Clip from DXnews.com


WRTC 2018 Closing Ceremoney


This video is an interesting combination of both pictures and video clips.  It begins with several pictures, including some from the opening ceremoney but later has a clip of the Closing Ceremony.


When you get to the DXnews.com page,

scroll down a little to find the Video Clip.