Channel Files for FM Handhelds



I am not the author of the software program that I recommend here, nor am I an expert in programming software.  The software and procedure I describe here were used successfully to program several Baofeng and Wouxon Radios, but . . .  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


The files on this page are simple CSV files containing the necessary information for programing a number of channels into your radio.  You can view them with Excel.


Perhaps one of these files has most of the channels you need.  It is much easier to upload one of these files and modify it (additions or deletions), than to create your own new file.


CAUTION:  Region One (Europe) has different channels than Region Two (America)



Zipped Region One 25 kHz Step FM Channel Files
This file contains most of the standard frequencies with 25 kHz step.
DJ0IP 25 kHz Step Channels.rar
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