The table below shows my CQ WW DX Contest results for 2012 thru 2014.  I did not participate in 2015.  


Be sure you check the line "Time" when viewing this.  "Time" shows how many hours I participated in the contest.


"DXC" is the number of countries worked (for each band).



  • 2012:   100 Watts / Trap Dipole in SSB; OCFD in CW
  • 2013:   600 Watts / 160m Inv.-L; OCFD on all other bands
  • 2014:   600 Watts / 160m Inv.-L; OCFD on all other bands


In order to fully appreciate how well the antenna worked, you must realize that my QTH is down in a valley, surrounded by mountains of 3 sides.  See: MY QTH


At this QTH, my Landlord only allowed me to put up one single antenna.  It had to be as inconspicuous as possible.  This prohibited running openwire feedline through the air.  Instead I had to use coax laying on the ground.  I don't know of any other "inconspicuous antenna" that can perform as well as my home-brew 80m OCFD has performed for me.