My Portable Station

Until some OEM brings out a 50 Watt SSB/CW HF Transceiver with low battery drain:

This is the station I use at home when running off of batteries.


And in the field, I use the combination below.  It is much lighter.


Naturally I would prefer everything in one box, but I am unaware of such a radio on the commercial market at this time.  This combination runs about 40 Watts when running off of a LiFiPo battery.


The transceiver covers 160 thru 4m, but the amplifier only covers 160 thru 6m.

The radio has a built-in Panadapter, switchable between Bandscope or Waterfall,

and its battery drain on receive is less than 400 mA.


Some of you are probably thinking, "what about an ATU?"  


I run an Aerial-51 Model 807-L antenna, which works

WITHOUT an ATU  on 80m* - 6m (except no 30m or 60m).


Or on Day-Trips where 80m is not required, I use my Aerial-51 Model 404-UL, which works 40/20/15/10m without an ATU, and 17/12m with ATU.


*It can work either the CW portion or SSB portion of the 80m band without the ATU. 

I can swap the RMU in the 807-L so that it has low SWR either in the CW portion,

or SSB portion.  With a third RMU, it can have low SWR on the 75m band. 

An ATU is required to cover 3.5 to 4 MHz if you don't swap the RMU. 

The RMUs are easily swapped...(just 2 screws).

More Info: