We hear so many old timers (like me) complaining about the look and feel of modern radios.  It seems nobody is ever listening to us.


I decided to sit down and design the front panel of my dream radio.

This is of course only a design dream, there is no such radio (yet).



Here she is, isn't she a beauty? (!)




The size will be about 30cm wide and 20cm high,

(abt 12" x 9") and depth "whatever it need be."


What was I thinking?  there is even a small bandscope in the screen.  I don't really want the bandscope hardware inside my radio.  It shall be an external radio, like an SDRplay or similar.


I have given it some typical buttons and knobs that I think I will need.  VFO selection, Memory selection, VFO Step Speed, and Lock are flanking the VFO knob for ease of use.


The audio gain is close to the VFO knob, yet far enough away that you won't hit it by accident.  Same for the RIT knob. 


Notice that the PBT shares the same knob as the CW keyer speed control. That's because when I work CW, I NEVER need to use PBT. If you have the software parameters adjusted such that the filters are absolutely centered on your preferred listening frequency, and you turn the bandwidth way down, like 50 Hz, there is no need to tune the passband.  And in SSB mode, there is no need to adjust the CW speed.  Helps keep the front panel simple.


There is one User Definable Knob whose function may be set in software, in case you wish to be able to adjust a parameter on the fly.  


I will include an "AMP" button.  When I push this button, it will automatically reduce TX outpower to the level required to drive my amplifier (i.e. 40w), and automatically turn the built-in ATU off.


When it is not active, the AMP KEY line does not activate, so that I will not accidently key the amp when running full power.  I haven't added this button yet, but I will, along with an LED indicator to show when the AMP is enabled.