Aerial-51 Antennas



Aerial-51 is a new antenna concept for combining extremely lightweight wire antennas with lightweight fiberglass poles, enabling rapid deployment of efficient antennas at heights previously unobtainable with a portable product.


  • Horizontal wires are poor radiators at low heights.     Traps are a tragedy!  They are heavy, add loss to the antenna, and eventually break.
  • [Short] Vertical antennas have low efficiency and very narrow bandwidth.

When antennas are designed properly and combined with Spiderbeam’s family of heavy duty, lightweight telescoping fiberglass poles,  these handicaps are easily overcome, turning your little pistol station into a BIG GUN.

HOA-Restricted –  Campers –  Hikers –  Bikers – SOTA – IOTA

Aerial-51 takes your signal out of this world and into the next!



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