(Made of Fiberglass and Epoxy; No Carbon)


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Spiderbeam's telescoping fiberglass "Spiderpoles"

were designed to be the best compromise

between weight and height.  


They were primarily designed

for the traveling ham radio operator

to be used for on-the-ground mounting,

supporting lightweight wire antennas.


Spiderbeam is Amateur Radio's PREMIUM manufacturer and source for telescoping fiberglass push-up poles.  Simply stated, it is the BEST QUALITY telescoping fiberglass poles in the Amatuer Radio industry for supporting portable wire antennas.  


FACT:  The most important criteria for choosing a fiberglass pole to support your antenna is "quality", NOT price!  

If you buy cheap, you buy twice.


IMPORTANT:  the Spiderpole does not use carbon to increase strength.  Carbon is conductive/resistive, and can introduce absorbtion loss and/or substantially detune the antenna.


The Spiderpole itself is UV-resistant.  In addition, it is coated with a layer of black enamel (UV-resistant) paint which helps assure a long life supporting your antenna.


The typical life expectancy of a Spiderpole is 10 years or more unless you do something very stupid with it.



  • Drill holes in your pole.  This is a good way to break your pole.
    • ​One well known California ham did this, broke his pole, and continues to blame Spiderbeam.  
  • Attaching a dipole with heavy coax to the pole while it is laying on the ground, then trying to pivot it up.  This is almost guaranteed to break the pole.




Currently (since 2021), Spiderbeam is selling 7 versions of fg telescoping push-up poles:

  • 4m (which is actually the top 4 segments of the 12m fg pole)
  • NEW:  7m Mini - Portable fg pole;    The Best SOTA Fiberglass Pole!
  • NEW:  10m Mini - Portable fg pole;  The Best Suitcase-Portable FG Pole!
  • 12m HD (a heavier duty version of the original Spiderbeam 12 fg pole)
  • 18m (the flagship for most of us normal hams) 
  • 22m (the upper 22m (only) of the 26m pole)
  • 26m (the industry's tallest telescoping push-up fg pole)



  • As support for wire vertical antennas.
  • As support for Inverted-L antennas.
  • As mast for lightweight horizontal antennas, such as dipoles or OCFD antennas.
  • As support for mono-element wire Quad antennas.



  • Aerial Photography
  • Wind Measurements
  • Fishing (for fish in a lake or river)
  • Fishing antenna wires out of tree tops
  • Supporting floating scare-crows for birds
  • Fighting Tree-Spiders (seriously)


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