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Amidon to Fair-Rite Part Number Conversion


DISCLAIMER:  To the best of my knowledge, the data above is accurate.  But I have not tried to order each and every one to find out.  Please do your own due dilligence.   Ferrite Toroids (Fair-Rite/Amidon, Ferroxcube)


Search by manufacturer's part number. 


For FT-140-xx cores, search on:  59*002701 

For FT-240-xx cores, search on:  59*003801  



Kent Coropration   Hollow Ferrite Rods (#31)


KF7P Metalwerks   Ferrite Toroids and Beads,  Misc. Hardware,  Heat-Shrink tubing



Kits and Parts dot Com  (The Toroid King)  A source for many common Toroids.


Mouser Electronics


(Important:  Amidon is not a manufacturer, they are a reseller.  Don't bother to search on the Amidon part number - i.e., "FT-240-43")


In this case you must search on the Fair-Rite part number, not the Amidon part number.

  • FT-240-31  =  2631803802
  • FT-240-43  =  5943003801 



Here are several sources, no particular order and no personal experience with ordering from any of them: