4U1VIC 1992

The Vienna International Center

Vienna (Wien), Austria


CQWW DX CW with the BCC (M/S)

Operators: DL6RDR, DL1GGT, DJ0IP, DH0RAK

This was my first of 3 trips to 4U1VIC.  


Operating from the United Nations building is a real adventure. The process just for entering the place is a challenge in itself.

This amount of security is necessary because the UNAEC and IAEA (the United Nations Nuclear commissions) are located in this building, just below the radio shack.


The next challenge is getting the equipment up to the roof of the building.

The building happens to be over 100 meters tall!


My 5m long aluminum masts were too long for the lift. Our choice was to carry them up about 1000+ steps, or to cut off 14cm.  We cut off 14cm and used the lift!