Berlin (1974)



Obviously I was no longer in the Army! :-) . . . . . - (Photo: DJ0IP)


With the Viet Nam War just ending, there weren't many jobs in the states.  Companies were laying off and firing instead of hiring.  I took a "European-Out" and found a job locally, working for DatagraphiX out of San Diego.


Rig Here:  Sommerkamp FT-200 (same as Tempo-One), and a Swan amplifier of some kind, with sweep tubes. 


Antenna:  HyGAIN 203-BA 3-el. Monoband beam for 20m, and a W3DZZ for 80/40.


Mic:  I can't remember that one.  :-(


DJ0IP - off duty... - (Photo: DJ0IP)


In 1976 I went to work for Rhode & Schwarz Engineering and Sales, in Berlin.

My boss was Guenther Lehmann, DL7BH.

There advantages when your boss is a ham. (hi)


Here are some photos from Field Day 1977.