MUNICH 1999 - 2003 (Chaos Years)

Shown here in its full glory. - (Photo: DJ0IP)

From 1998 until 2002, I was traveling quite a lot.  I lived in Munich, had my main office in Munich, but our operations and second office were in London.  I flew back and forth every week for several years.  As a result, I didn't find much time for cleaning up the shack.



The operating position. - (Photo: DJ0IP)

Rig Here:

  • Ten-Tec Omni VI+ (564)
  • QRO-Technologies HF-2000  
  • BRAUN Preselector
  • Home-Brew [Annecke] High-Power Symmetrical Matchbox
  • Palstar AT-4K
  • ICOM IC-706 MK2 G (mobile rig from the camper)
  • Kenwood TS-60 (6m rig)
  • Home-Brew Power Supply (left of the matchbox)
  • Vibroplex Iambic paddle


On the Right:

Other various equipment. - (Photo: DJ0IP)

Other Equipment:

  • Yaesu FT-900
  • Ten-Tec Argosy (analog)
  • Lowe HF-225 Europa receiver
  • HF-4 (?) receiver
  • MFJ Artificial Ground
  • Old IC-240 2m FM rig
  • ETM-4B memory keyer (w. paddle)
  • Some MFJ Modem
  • Some DSP filter
  • Various odds and ends