Bremen (1981)



This was my first competitive contest station. - (Photo: DJ0IP)


My actual QTH was "Tarmstedt", about 15 km northeast of Bremen, located in "Teufels Moor" (the Devil's Swamp).  I was a member of the Ham Radio Club in Worpswede, "I45".  We were a small club, but very active in Club Contesting.  


RIG No. 1 HERE:  Drake C Line - R4-C with a tube-2nd mixer, T4X-C, and L4-B.  the R4-C had a Sherwood "roofing filter" (except we didn't call them roofing filters back then).


RIG No. 2 HERE:  TEN-TEC OMNI C, with a homebrew linear*.  The amp has 6x PL509 Sweep Tubes (Spark Plugs).  It was self contained and so light weight that I could carry it with just 2 fingers.  Its output power was 1200w on 80m, 1100w on 40m, 1000w on 20m, 800w on 15m, and 600w on 10m.  (*Running directly off of the mains with no transformer - living dangerously!)



  • Fritzel FB-33, 3-el. trap beam above the roof of the house.
  • Homebrew 2-el. Quad on a 30 ft. wooden mast behind the house.
  • A double dipole for 80/40, also at 30 ft. 
  • Delta Loop for 40m (fed in the corner for vertical polarization).
  • 14-el. J-Beam for 2m, on the roof of the house.


MICs:  Shure 444 and a TEN-TEC mic.


Keyer:  Homebrew (C-MOS) with time sequence keying to manage the timing for keying the CW and the amplifiers.  The paddle was an Autronic.