MUNICH 1980's

Raft trip down the Isar River. This was a "Business Trip".- (Photo: Sabrina Linke)


























I moved to Munich in 1983.


Living in Munich was very much different than living in northern Germany.  Our "life" took place outdoors most of the time.


I found several new hobbies:

  • Visiting Beer Gardens
  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Visiting Beer Gardens
  • Riding my Motorbike in the mountains
  • Visiting Beer Gardens
  • Going dancing on the weekends
  • Team Contesting (after joining the Bavarian Contest Club)


I lived in the city (proper) until about 1989, so I had no chance to put up any antennas.  My ham radio operations were either mobile or portable.

  • HB0CSZ  in 1988  (CQWW SSB)
  • LX8A in 1988  (CQWW CW)
  • Isle of Mann in 1989  (Field Day Contest)
  • LX7A in 1989  (CQWW SSB and again CQWW CW)