Version 5

Here's the scoop on Ver. 5:


I have successfully built a new super lightweight balun using two Toroids.

I have actually used it in another antenna (Ver. 2) and you can see pictures of it under Ver. 2-2.


BELOW you can read about the steps that wasted my time and money.


I completed this antenna and liked it so well that I have given it a name:

Aerial-51 Model 404-UL

You will find details about this antenna. 


Continued:  See Ver. 2.2




I wound a second set of transformers and gave them to a local commercial company who is mounting them inside of a commercial enclosure.  I am very curious to see how much weight this adds to the finished balun. 

The balun is supposed to be ready in mid August (2013)... which is THIS WEEK.

I'm excited.


UPDATE:  Received my balun in a beautiful inclosure.  Looks like a million dollars.  Weighs as much as 2 million dollars.  IT'S TOO HEAVY:   :-(


PLAN B:  I found a second local commercial company manufacturing baluns.  They are sending me two very lightweight enclosures.  I will build my balun into their enclosures.  Once again I have high hopes of finding the holy grail.   Built it.  tight fit.  Difficult to use.


Next Problem: For versions 3, 4, & 5  I need an additional 1:1 CMC choke.  Currently all of mine are too heavy.  I am experimenting with various designs in an attempt to find a suitable solution.  The problem is, it has to be light enough but still good enough!  I have two different solutions which might work.  Have to wait for the balun to find out.


Keep your fingers crossed, your thumbs pressed, or whatever it is you do for good luck!




Continued:  See Ver. 2.2