Rob Sherwood's Full Test of the Ten-Tec OMNI VII
This is Rob Sherwood's full test of the Ten-Tec OMNI VII, from March of 2007.
Ten-Tec Omni VII-B.pdf
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UPDATE July 2013

Here is an update on comparisons of the Omni VII to the Ten-Tec Eagle and the Ten-Tec Argonaut VI.


Rob has not filled in all of the measurements here, only updated his comments to reflect comparisons to the newer Ten-Tec radios.


For a complete set of measurements, see the original test from 2007 (above).


Rev C of the Omni VII Test (incomplete)
This file only shows updated comments. Most of the measurements have not been filled in, in the tables, but their result are the same as measured in 2007. More interesting is the comparisons to the
Ten-Tec Omni VII-C.pdf
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