Rob Sherwood Test: YAESU FT-710

Here is Rob's initial Lab Test of the new FT-710 after just a few days of testing it.  As with most other radios, there will be several updates as Rob becomes more familiar with the radio.

I will remind readers that measured data is only half the story.  Be sure to read the pages of comments below the measured data.


Yaesu FT-710 Test Review Ver. B1.
Here is Rob Sherwood's newest test review of the FT-710. It now includes measurements of transmitter noise.
Yaesu FT-710-B1.pdf
PDF-Dokument [184.9 KB]



Rob wrote the following after using Yaesu rigs in the last four contest: 

  • Sweepstakes, CQWW CW, ARRL 160m and ARRL 10m
December 2022 Contest Observations w. FT-710
PDF-Dokument [107.9 KB]