OmniRig Driver for TEN-TEC EAGLE and Argonaut VI




Currently there is no official OmniRig driver for the TEN-TEC Eagle or Argonaut VI. 

As a result, the radio does not function properly with many of the popular ham radio software applications.


The following driver has been tested successfully with AALog, Band Master, and WIN-TEST, and submitted to DX-Atlas for inclusion in the OmniRig INI file package.


It will take some time until this is officially included and distributed with the various software applications running on the OmniRig Engine.


Until that time, you may use the driver below:



OmniRig Driver for TEN-TEC EAGLE
OmniRig Driver for the TEN-TEC Eagle and Argo VI
TenTec Eagle.rar
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NOTE:  The file is zipped.  After downloading, simply unzip.

Special WIN-TEST Instructions

WIN-TEST has the transceiver INI files embeded within the software package, but there is no INI file for the EAGLE.  There is also no way of inserting another INI file.  But there is a work-around.


FOR NOW: In order to use the EAGLE with WIN-TEST, you have to confiture WT slightly different.

  • Download and install the free software, "OmniRig"  (instructions below)
  • Within WT, open the the Widow "Options" and select "Configure interfaces"
  • On the interfaces configuration page, normally you would select the COM port on the top (left) and define it as RADIO-1.  Then you would select your transceiver in the menu at the bottom (left) under "Transceivers".   DO NOT DO THIS
  • INSTEAD:  Do not select any COM port.  At the bottom, in the "Transceivers" menu, select OmniRig.
  • Click "OK" at the bottom to exit the page.

This process has instructed WT to use OmniRig as its radio port.

In order for this to work, you will need to have installed OmniRig and added the EAGLE driver to its list of radios.  More on this below.


OmniRig Software

OmniRig is a free Radio Control Software available from DX-Atlas.


If you wish to try it by yourself, go to the following link and download OmniRig AND its INI file.  (near the bottom of the page)


After installing OmniRig, you will find that the program installed on the system drive (usually drive C:), under:

  • Program Files /Afreet/Omnirig

AND the Rig definition files (INI files) install under 

  • Program Files /Afreet/Omnirig/Rigs



AFTER you have copied the driver into this folder, run the OmniRig application and in its configuration menu:

  • choose "Ten-Tec Eagle"  as the Radio
  • select the appropriate COM Port
  • 8-Bits
  • 57,600 Baud
  • Parity:  None
  • Stop bits:  1
  • RTS:  High
  • DTR:  High
  • Poll int. ms:  500
  • Timeout, ms:  4000