Semi-BK for Eagle or Argo6

These two radios only work full BK.


Although they have an adjustable "QSK Delay" in their software menu, it does not affect the hangtime of the AMP KEY signal which keys external amplifiers.  It only delays recovery time of the receiver.


Ten-Tec sold an option (Model 318) that included this feature but it is currently not available.


The 318 used its own relay to key the external amp, which has the advantage that it can key any voltage, any polarity, but the disadvantage that it adds about 5ms of delay to the initial keying time of the external amplifier.  In many cases this is bad.


If you are sure that your amplifier uses 12vdc for keying and only requires a max of 100 mA of current to key, then there is no need for this relay.


I removed the relay of my Model 318 and adjusted the bias of Q3 such that Q3 now keys my amplifier's T/R relay directly.


If you look at the circuitry required, it is totally simple and there is no reason not to simply build this yourself.


I will post a DOWNLOAD below showing the circuitry I now use.


NOTE:  for R2, I soldered another resistor in parallel obtain the bias I needed.  Obviously you can combine these two resistors into a single resistor of the appropriate value.


The delay pot was originally 10k Ohms.  I found it could delay much longer than I needed and its adjustment to be a bit coarse.  I soldered a 10k Ohm resistor across it to give me the bandspread I wanted.




Semi-BK for the Eagle
This works for the Eagle and the Argonaut 6
Semi-BK for the Eagle.pdf
PDF-Dokument [400.9 KB]