80m Off-Center-Fed Dipole

This is my main antenna, used for ALL bands from 80 thru 10m.


It is not really good on 17m unless I use a matchbox and even then I must reduce power so as not to burn up the balun.


I KNOW THIS IS NOT A GREAT ANTENNA, but IMO it is the best I can do under the current circumstances.  You have to know the situation at my QTH in order to understand that.


I am renting the house.

My landlord has allowed me to have just one single antenna within site of the house.

He does not want to see ugly wires running through the air (which rules out openwire feedline).


As a result, I have developed "this" version of the OCFD (which also works on 15m), using thin wire and running the coax along the ground, out of site.


Until I find time to add more details here on this page, you can get an overview of this antenna

here:  80m OCFD Antenna