( Inverted-V Configuration )


Pictured here is ANT-1-B0


This antenna is a very simple, relatively lightweight dipole.   Weight:  312 gr.


Note that I have clearly marked the leg that is attached to the center conductor of the coax.

This is to enable comparing the amount of common mode current into a diagonally run length of coax, dependent on orientation of the legs.  I will measure once, then rotate the antenna 180 degrees and measure again.


In further tests, I will add different types of baluns or chokes to this antenna and repeat the tests.






ANT-1-B1 is a simple dipole, identical to ANT-1-B0, except it has a 1:1 Guanella balun at the feedpoint.


It was mounted on the same pole at the same height and used the same coax, etc.



ANT-1-C1 was made using ANT-1-B0 (no balun) and then connecting RF-Choke "C1" directly to the feedpoing.  "C1" is a 1:1 current choke using a Maxwell design.


C1 is described in the section on "Components", under "Chokes".