Dayton 2009: Contest University

Roofing Filters, Transmitted BW and Receiver Performance



Contest University Presentation given in Dayton, 2008/09:


  "Roofing Filters, Transmitted W and RX Performance"


This is a very good presentation which gives us a good introduction into what is important when assessing receiver performance.  It also ranks many of today's current radios as well as many of "yesterday's heros".


Rob talks about transmitter problems as well as receiver problems.  


Unfortunately Rob had very little time to give this presentation, so he spoke very fast in the presentation.


Personally, I needed more time between bullets and slides, in order to comprehend and digest what he had just said.  NO PROBLEM.  USE YOUR "PAUSE" BUTTON on the audio.



You might call this presentation "A Fast Track to understanding Transceiver Performance."  In this presentation, Rob covers almost all important points, but he goes very quickly through them and a fundamental understanding of the components of performance is needed before watching this.  If you are just beginning, it is better to start with his 2008 BARC presentation.

Download Presentation and Audio File:

Roofing Filters, Transmitted BW and RX Performance
A presentation given at Contest University in Dayton, in 2008 and 2009.
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