BARC 2009

Receiver Performance, Transmitted BW, Contest Fatigue


"If it feels good, do it!"


Unfortunately not every modern transceiver feels good.

Why not?


Most people answer this question with something like "I don't know; it just doesn't sound good", or "I get lousy reports with it".


IN THIS PRESENTATION, Rob takes a closer look at OTHER FACTORS (not just DR3).


Other Factors:

  • Receive audio distortion
  • Transmit distortion
  • AGC-induced distortion

And then he talks about the operator fatigue that can be caused by some of these problems.


At the TOP of the RECEIVER PERFORMANCE LIST you will find the FlexRadio 5000 and the Elecraft K3, but . . . 

  • Why do so many people sell their K3's within a few months?
  • Why don't more people use FlexRadio's in contests?

I'm sure there are many answers to these two questions. In this presentation, Rob suggests a few.

Download Presentation and Audio File:

Receiver Performance, Transmitter BW, Contest Fatigue
The first part of this presentation recaps the importance of BDR3. The second half of this presentation focuses on several other important transceiver characteristics.
NC0B-W9DXCC-3a SN.pdf
PDF-Dokument [9.0 MB]

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MP3 Audio for this presentation (BARC 2009)
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MP3-Audiodatei [77.9 MB]
756 Pro III 30 second audio clip with electric fence
This is the sound recorded on the right channel of the stereo recorder, source Icom 756 Pro III. The other channel records a Ten-Tec Omni VII.
Wave-Audiodatei [2.5 MB]
Omni VII 30 second audio clip with electric fence.
This is the sound recorded on the left channel of a stereo recorder, source Ten-Tec Omni VII. The other channel records an Icom 756 Pro III.
Wave-Audiodatei [2.5 MB]