Alu Masts Red Safety Markings

As you pull the mast segements out, you will see RED safety markings.  

These consist of several RED  vertical lines which warn you

that you are approaching the point where you must STOP.


The STOP point is marked with a Red Ring around the mast segment.



  • Pull the segment out until you see the red vertical lines
  • Then continue pulling, but SLOWLY . . . until you see the red horizontal ring
    • If the red ring has faded away, you can still see the STOP point, but you must look closely.  It is marked as an engraved ring around the mast section:
  • Adjust such that the Red Ring is just barely not visible.



BEFORE erecting the antenna and mast, it is a good idea to examine each mast segment to see if the red markings are still clearly visible.  After a number of years, they tend to fade away.  


If they are no longer visible, draw a new ring and lines using a RED SHARPIE or RED EDING STIFT.



If your mast has been extended for a few years, it is safe to assume the red markings are gone.  The STOP position is marked (as described above) but it can be diffical to find.  Here is an easier way:

  • BEFORE you begin lowering the mast one segment at a time, take a RED MARKER and draw 4 parallel vertical lines onto the pole, upwards, beginning at the junction of each segment.
  • After you have taken down the mast and antenna, disassemble the mast and draw a new RED RING around each segment, just below the point where the red lines begin.

TNX to Mike, VK2IG, for suggesting this method.




Aluminum Mast Safety Markings
Aluminium Masts CAUTION.pdf
PDF-Dokument [124.3 KB]
Saftey STOP Indicators
Here is a drawing showing what to expect when you look closely to the bottom of the pole. NOTE: if the red lines have faded away you can still see the dotted-ring engraved into the pole, about 6 to 10 inches up from the bottom.
Safety Stop Indicators.pdf
PDF-Dokument [168.1 KB]