Antenna Tuners

List of ANNECKE Products

The following is a list of products produced by Alfred Annecke.  

These are in no particular order.


Asymmetrical Matchboxes:

  • 200w L-Network for matching Longwire Antennas
  • 200w Pi-Filter Matchbox
  • 200w Universal-Transmatch*  (several versions)
  • 200w Differential-T Matchbox
  • 750w Universal-Transmatch*  (several versions)
  • 1000w+ Universal-Transmatch*

(*T-Network Matchbox)


Symmetrical Matchboxes:

  • 200w Symmetrical Koppler**
  • 200w Symmetrical Koppler** for 160m (2  versions) 
  • 600w Symmetrical Koppler** Plug in Band Modules
  • 1000w Symmetrical Koppler with Switchable "L"
  • 1000w+ Symmetrical Koppler**

(**Link Coupled)



  • Magnetic Loop Antenna Kits
  • Remote Switchable 80m Dipole (CW/SSB)
  • Double-Zepp with Openwire Feedline


Other Products:

  • 450 Ohm Transmission Line
  • Indicator Lamps (tuning lamps for openwire transmission lines)
  • Artificial Ground
  • RF Field Strength Meter
  • Control Box for Remote Servos (for variable capacitors)


  • Variable Capacitors (LARGE and small)
  • Switches  (LARGE and small)
  • Wall Feed-Through Insulators (for openwire feedline)
  • Voltage Protectors (Spark Plug Over-Voltage Protection for single wires and for openwire feedline)
  • Remote Relays for Over-Voltage Prodection during storms.
  • Insulated Shaft Couplers (for variable capacitors)


ANNECKE also sold empty enclosures (manufactured by Schubert), and Knobs.  I do not know who manufactured his knobs.


ADVICE: Annecke gave this away for free. He was a true "Elmer".