Antenna Tuners

ANNECKE Power Ratings

Alfred Annecke was very conservative with the power ratings of his products.


DO NOT confuse this or compare this to the power ratings of the old E.F. Johnson Viking matchboxes. The Johnson Viking was developed in the days of AM and product then were rated in continuous duty INPUT power.  


By the time Annecke developed his products, SSB was well under way.

He typically specified his power ratings in "Peak OUTPUT Power".

Normally for most companies, this means instantaneous peak power.

For ANNECKE it meant 48 hour contesting peak OUTPUT power.


CW or SSB continuous operation was never a problem at the power level for which he rated his products.  


Like all manufacturers, ANNECKE warned his customers that there can be worst case instances where the impedances are so high that the box will arc at the specified power level.  When this happens, he instructed users to either add more line to the feedline, or reduce the output power level until it ceases to arc. ALL manufacturers make similar statements for these circumstances.