Antenna Tuners

ANNECKE Symmetrical Koppler

This is the "famous" Annecke Symmetrical Coupler,

the logical evolution from the old Johnson Viking Matchbox.


Photo: DJ0IP


The Annecke 200w Symmetrical Coupler is perhaps the best low power symmetrical matchbox ever built.  


The premis for the validity of this statement is that "best" means the ability to match whatever load a symmetrical antenna might throw its way.

The following quote is from L.B. CEBIK, W4RNL (SK),

from his excellent paper entitled "Link-Coupled Antenna Tuners" 


"Despite their relative scarcity, link-coupled tuners have certain advantages over all other tuners.  

  • First, they are inherently designed for use with balanced feedlines.  
  • Second, they exhibit very low losses, even at high power levels, with reasonable care of construction. 
  • Third, they can be configured to almost any balanced line condition that might face the operator...

Furthermore [in comparison to the Johnson Viking Matchbox] the Annecke design does away with the relay, receiver tap, and other pre-50-ohm transceiver features.  Instead, it uses a larger (over-coupled) link with taps for the various bands (80, 40, 30-20, 17-15, and 12-10) mechanically linked to the secondary coil tap switches.  In addition, it employs a series variable capacitor to adjust coupling (or input impedance, which amounts to the same thing).  The Annecke design is superior in this regard."

For more information on the Annecke Symmetrical Coupler  vs.  the Johnson Viking Matchbox, please see the information on the page:  Viking vs. Annecke


Annecke built many other products but this matchbox put his company on the map. This matchbox is so much better known than his other products, and often people refer to the Symmetrical Coupler as "The Annecke Matchbox".  This is very misleading, since Annecke built so many other fine matchboxes, many of which were aysmmetrical.


( All Photos:  DJ0IP )


Annecke 200w Symmetrical Koppler Manual
This manual was written by me (in English), because there is very little documentation on this matchbox available elsewhere.
PDF-Dokument [690.6 KB]
Annecke 200w Symmetrical Koppler Manuas (Original in German)
This is the original German manual for the Annecke 200w Symmetrical Koppler.
annecke 200W SymKop manual deutsch.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.8 MB]
Annecke 200w Sym Koppler Manual (French)
This is a French translation of the original Annecke Symmetrische Koppler Manual
Manuel_Anneke_200W (French)-s.pdf
PDF-Dokument [897.7 KB]


To be continued . . .