On an 18m Spiderbeam Fiberglass Pole

160m/80m Dual-Band Vertical

General Description


This vertical is a good compromise when you want good performance on these two low ham bands and don't have the space to install two seperate antennas.


The performance on 80m wll be excellent.  On 160m the performance is also very good.


NOTE:  I HAVE NOT PERSONALLY TRIED THIS ANTENNA YET, but Cornelius has built and used it several years ago.  The deminsions are approximate values, as the actual dimensions will vary slightly from one installation to the next.


Important BEFORE you begin is to understand how this all plays together.

If you have questions, send an email to  Info@spiderbeam.com .




A good radial network is required.


You will need at least 8, better 16 ground radials.

The radials should be  between 20 and 40m long.

Space the radials symmetrically around the pole.


Of course more radials is better but more radials will also lower the impedance and cause the SWR to increase.  In that case you will probably want to add the optional Hairpin Match.


UNFORTUNATELY I do not have the space to erect this antenna.


We have had feedback on this antenna from several users.  ALL were very pleased with the results.