40m Vertical on a 12m Spiderpole

40m Vertical on 12m Spiderbeam Telescoping Fiberglass Spiderpole

Quick Overview

This is a simple, FULL SIZE quarter-wavelength vertical for 40m. 

  • It is built on a Spiderbeam 12m (40 ft.) telescoping fiberglass Spiderpole.
  • It has 8 to 16 ground-mounted radials, each 5 to 10m (16 to 33 ft.) long.
  • It is fed directly with 50 Ohm Coax.
  • An RF-Choke at the feedpoint is recommended.
    • 12 turns of RG-58 on an FT-240-43 (for a few hundred watts)
    • For higher power, 12 turns of RG-142 or RG-303 on an FT-240-43 - use a stack of 2 cores for 1kw and 3 cores for 1.5kw.