Triple-Leg Ground Plane

(For "Little Pistol" DXers on a Shoestring Budget)



The Triple-Leg Ground Plane



A simple wire vertical that is very good for DX.


The example shown here is for a 20m antenna on a 12m fiberglass Spiderpole.


For 40 or 30m, use an 18m Spiderpole. 



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The 3 radials are also used for guying the pole.

space them equal-distance around the pole.


Although not shown, it is a good idea to use an RF choke at the feedpoint.

Although this is a mono-band antenna, it is very easy to build a multiband antenna version.

Simply lengthen all wires to 7 meters (about 23 ft.) each and feed the antenna with 300 Ohm or 450 Ohm balanced line, into an antenna matchbox.

Martin, DK7ZB has a web page showing this design:   MULTI-BAND TRIPLE-LEG